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Reduced mobility

For customers who have walking difficulties and may require the use or assistance of a collapsible wheelchair, walker, or other small assistance devices, Maritime Bus Drivers or staff will help you climb a few steps to board the bus and find an appropriate seat. Please notify one of our Maritime Bus staff that you will require assistance upon arrival. You may also purchase your Maritime Bus tickets at any or our local Maritime Bus Terminals or Agencies or online.

Traveling with a wheelchair or scooter

Passengers traveling with Maritime Bus who require the use of a wheelchair or scooter are required to notify Maritime Bus 72 hours in advance. Please contact our Maritime Bus Customer Call Centre at 1.800.575.1807 to book wheelchair travel. Due to a maximum capacity of our wheelchair lifts, Maritime Bus is only able to provide accessible wheelchair transportation if the combined weight of the passenger and wheelchair does not exceed 550lb / 250kg

Personal attendants

One Personal Attendant/Companion may accompany passengers with walking difficulties, visual or hearing impairments, other disabilities deemed to require an assistant or those who cannot travel independently, free of charge. All personal attendants/companion requests will require a doctor’s notice or CNIB card for the fee to be waived. The passenger requiring assistance will be charged a standard fare. Personal attendant and the passenger requiring assistance are required to travel together for the duration of the trip.

Traveling with a certified service animal

Maritime Bus will accept one certified service animal per passenger with a disability for carriage without charge and will permit the animal, if properly harnessed, to accompany the passenger on the bus. The service animal will remain on the floor at the passenger’s feet during travel or on the lap and fully under control by leash at all times – carriers are permitted and are encouraged.

The service animal is the responsibility of its owner and must be under the control of its owner at all times (i.e., leash, harness or carrier). The service animal must ride in the bus within the customer’s space. Service animals may not travel in the aisle or occupy a seat. Maritime Bus reserves the right to refuse passage to any animal that poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other customers, Maritime Bus personnel or contractors.

Passengers should note that they are required to produce written proof to the operator that the service animal has been trained and certified by a professional service animal institution or a valid Doctor’s note indicating a requirement for a Therapy Pet as a companion.

For additional information, please visit Transport Canada – Intercity Bus Code of Practice.


Carry On Baggage
  • Passengers traveling within the Maritime Bus network are permitted 2 checked bags and 1 carry-on bag. 
  • Personal baggage such as a purse, handbag, or baby bag are also permitted and limited to one (1) per passenger.
  • All carry-on baggage must be able to fit in the overhead compartments or under the seat.
  • Interline passengers traveling beyond Montreal with Greyhound are permitted 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on bag. Please visit Greyhound.ca for full details.
Checked Baggage
  • TWO (2) additional pieces of baggage may be checked per passenger within the Maritime Bus network at no charge.
  • Maximum allowable weight per individual piece of baggage is 75lbs.
  • Individual pieces of baggage must not exceed (length X width X height) of 60cm X 60cm X 90cm (24in. X 24in. X 36in.)
  • Individual passengers are allowed a maximum of TWO (2) additional checked bags subject to an additional charge for a total for FOUR (4) checked bags.
  • Any additional baggage will be shipped and priced at Maritime Bus Courier Express rates. Please see Excess Baggage for further details.
  • Checked Baggage must have a Maritime Bus Baggage Tag, identifying your name, contact number and destination. Maritime Bus also recommends having your own personal tag to help identify your baggage. Maritime Bus is not responsible for passengers picking up the wrong baggage. Please keep the bottom half of the Baggage Tag as this is the Baggage Claims Receipt.
  • All baggage must be able to handle the conditions of travel. This requires containers, bags, etc., to withstand piling or stacking and handling during the course of travel.  Baggage must be able to securely close, lock, be strapped, or be tied and must provide a handle or have some ability to attach a Baggage Tag. Passengers traveling with fragile items must take the appropriate precautions to ensure adequate protection. Maritime Bus will not be held liable for baggage which is not deemed to be travel worthy, such as but not limited to, plastic bags or paper bags.
  • Sports equipment (skis, snowboards, fishing rods, golf clubs, etc.) and musical instruments are considered baggage and will count as one (1) checked item. Maritime Bus will not be liable for damage to sports equipment or musical instruments which are not bundled or in a protective case or bag.
  • Passengers on routes that require transferring to another bus are responsible for moving their own baggage. Maritime Bus drivers will load and unload your baggage only. If you do require assistance to get your baggage from one bus to another, please notify a Maritime Bus driver.
  • Medical devices required for travel, such as walkers or child strollers are not considered checked baggage.
  • Interline passengers traveling beyond Montreal with Greyhound are permitted 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on bag. Please visit www.Greyhound.ca for full details.
Prohibited Items

The following is a list of prohibited items when traveling with Maritime Bus:

  • Animals, including reptiles and insects, regardless of their size, whether in cages or not.  Service animals are the only animal that may ride Maritime Bus
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Dangerous articles (ammunition, fireworks, flammable substances, radioactive materials, etc.).
  • Perishable goods stored in polystyrene containers or any other containers that cannot be hermetically sealed.
  • Household goods (electrical appliances, china, clocks, furniture, sewing machines, silverware, etc.).
  • Tow bars, trailer hitches, etc.
  • Fishing rods without cases.
  • Liquids (including toiletry articles such as perfumes, which must always be kept in your carry-on luggage).
  • Office equipment (photocopiers, etc.)
  • Controlled or illegal substances.
  • Oxygen bottles.

Maritime Bus retains the right to search and verify the contents of baggage at any time. 

Who do I contact for lost and found  or damaged items/baggage?

If you have lost or left any items during your travels with Maritime Bus, please notify the driver before you depart the bus. We also ask that you provide a detailed description to the agency or terminal staff at your arriving location. You also have the option to contact our Maritime Bus Customer Service Centre.

Please visit the Lost and Found or Baggage Claims for details.

Can I travel with a child safety seat?

Customers are welcome to use child safety seats on a Maritime Bus that is equipped with seatbelts. You should ensure that your child seat has been approved for use in a motor vehicle, and is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is your responsibility to secure the child seat to the bus seat using the seatbelts provided. Maritime Bus does not provide seatbelts on all coaches and assigned coaches are not known until the day of departure. Therefore, please understand that you may NOT be able to use the car seat on all nor even part of the route.  If a car safety seat cannot be used, please ensure the infant/child is seated on the lap of an adult for the duration of the journey.

Can I travel with my bike?

Maritime Bus will accept bikes for an additional fee of $20.00+tax one-way or $40.00+tax round-trip. If you do not have a bike box or bag you can purchase them at all of our locations. Bags are $10.00 plus HST.



When should I arrive to meet the bus?

Maritime Bus recommends arriving 15-30 minutes prior to the departure time. This will allow you to get any questions you may have answered and to tag any checked baggage.

Are Maritime Bus tickets open ended?

No, Maritime Bus Tickets are not open-ended. Maritime Bus uses a reservation based system, requiring passengers to travel on the selected date, time and schedule.

Are Maritime Bus tickets refundable?

Maritime Bus tickets are non-refundable.  However, if you feel your circumstance is extenuating please reach out to our Claims Department for an individual review. To submit your request, please email our claims department. They will be in touch once the review has been complete.

Can I cancel or change my Maritime Bus ticket?

Although Maritime Bus tickets are non-refundable, dates and times can be changed up to the original purchased departure time. A service fee of 15% will be charged for any changes, which is payable at the time. Changes can be made at all Maritime Bus Terminals and Agencies or by contacting our Maritime Bus Customer Call Centre and speaking to one of our Customer Service Agents. Please remember if you make changes by phone, a credit card will be required.

Cancellation requests must be made prior to the stated departure time and schedule indicated on the Maritime Bus Ticket. You will receive a credit Voucher, less the 15% service fee of the original cost. This credit Voucher will emailed to you and can be accessed when making future purchases with Maritime Bus. Please contact one of the following options for details:

Am I required to have a paper ticket to board a Maritime Bus?

No, a paper ticket is not required. However, passengers boarding without a paper ticket will need to provide a confirmation e-mail from your smartphone or tablet and ID before boarding.  Additionally, print-at-home e-tickets will be accepted, but must be printed on single sided paper ONLY.

Riviere Du Loup and Montreal

We do not currently service outside of the Maritimes due to border restrictions. 

For any future trips: All passengers traveling between Riviere du Loup and Montreal and the reverse thereof need to have a paper ticket. You must visit the ticket counter in Montreal and have your tickets printed on orleans express ticket paper. If this is not done, you can not be guaranteed a seat.


Is smoking permitted on Maritime Bus?

Smoking is prohibited on Maritime Bus.  Furthermore, the use of  electronic simulated smoking materials, e-cigarettes, and smokeless cigarettes, is also prohibited.

Traveling with animals 

Maritime Bus is unable to permit pets/animals on buses, unless the passenger requires a trained service animal to assist with travel. Service animals must be harnessed and under the control of the passenger at all times.

Can my child travel alone on Maritime Bus?

Click here to read full details.

  • Any passenger under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a passenger at least 14 years of age or older at all times.
  • A child between the ages of 8-12 traveling with a companion that is 14 years of age or older, is not required to reserve Unaccompanied Children services. The companion traveling with the child must have identification indicating their date of birth.
  • The ticket MUST be booked by calling 1-800-575-1807 or visit a terminal or agency.

Passengers between the ages of 8 and 12 years of age inclusive, may travel unaccompanied paying the child fare if the following conditions are met in their entirety:

  • The passenger’s trip will begin and end in the Maritime Bus Network. NO TRANSFERS TO OTHER CARRIERS.
  • Please note: Unaccompanied Minors can not travel when a Storm Warning has been issued in the Maritime Bus Network.
  • The passenger’s trip will be no longer than 7.5 hours in duration.
  • The passenger’s trip starting point must start during the daylight hours and will continue until destination within the Maritime Bus network is complete.
  • Both the origin and destination stations are full service Passenger and Parcel agencies/terminals. No Flagstop or Airport can accept or depart an Unaccompanied Minor.
  • The destination station will be open at the time the passenger is scheduled to arrive.
  • Parent, Guardian, or Legal Custodian of the child must complete and sign the Unaccompanied Child Form authorizing the child to make the trip and must be  returned to the Customer Service Agent on duty. This form specifically names the person authorizing the trip and the person meeting the child at the destination station and the telephone number(s) which this person may be contacted. It also provides an emergency contact name and telephone number in the event it is needed.
  • In order for the child to be released at the destination, the person named on the Unaccompanied Child Form as the one meeting the child must have positive picture identification, such as a driver’s license or Government issued identification card, and provide such to the agent at the destination station. Without such identification, the child will be released into the custody of Child Protective Services or to local law enforcement officials in the destination city.
  • The parents/guardian and child must arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time
  • The parents/guardian greeting the child upon arrival should at the destination location 15 minutes prior to the child arriving at the destination point.

If any of the above conditions are not met, then the Child must be accompanied by a passenger at least 14 years of age or older in order to travel.

The Unaccompanied Child Form is only valid for one leg of a journey. If the trip is purchased as a round trip there must be another Unaccompanied Child form filled in and left with the departing terminal/agency.

Tickets for Unaccompanied Children can only be purchased at our Terminals and Agencies and are not available online. Unaccompanied Children will also require a form to be filled out by a legal parent/guardian.

Does Maritime Bus offer free WiFi?

WiFi is offered on a limited bases, on select routes and departure times.

Travel Tips

Here are a few tips and suggestions to help make your travel experience an enjoyable and relaxing one!

  • Schedule and book your trip early. The earlier you book your ticket, the better. Avoid the stress of waiting last minute and reserve your seat today. 
  • Purchase your tickets online. An easy and convenient way to reserve your seat with Maritime Bus, while reducing your travel day stress.
  • Get a head start by having an e-ticket or print your ticket at home. Having your ticket on your mobile device through online purchases or printing your ticket before arriving at the station will save time and prevent you from having to wait in line. Make sure to have your ID when you board the bus as well.
  • Remember, Tickets Are Date And Time Specific. This means you must travel on the schedule that you picked when you booked your tickets and this keeps us from overbooking the bus. Tickets can be altered and times switched, however a 15% service fee will apply to changes.
  • Be sure to have arrangements in place if you are driving to a local station. Ensure that someone will be picking up your vehicle or make it even easier and get dropped off.  
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before your bus is scheduled to leave. Getting to the station early gives you plenty of time to tag and check your bags, and beat the rush during this extremely busy time of year.
  • Keep essential items on the bus with you. Instead of putting important items in the luggage you check (things like medications, important documents, the family heirlooms or the kids’ favorite toys) keep it with your carry-on bag. Just in case your checked bags get delayed please make sure to properly tag your bags both inside and out with your most recent contact information so we can get your things back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Check for weather delays. Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable, so customers should check to see if we’ve posted any service alerts at maritimebus.com or give us a call (1.800.575.1807) to see if weather delays have been posted before leaving for the station. And don’t forget, you can to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!
  • Bring a small travel pillow so you can rest comfortably.
  • Bring snacks and water. Whether you’re traveling 4 hours or 14 hours, you’re likely to get hungry and staying hydrated is a necessity.


Halifax Connector:

What is the Halifax Connector?

The Halifax Connector connects South Shore Communities to Greater Halifax and Beyond. The connector offers two trips daily between Lunenburg County and Greater Halifax every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is a 830am departure from Lunenburg County, and a 355pm departure from Downtown Halifax.  The trip provides a five-hour mid-day stay in the city for appointments, banking, visitation, lunch or shopping.

Just think - no wear and tear on your vehicle, save on insurance, and, forget about parking fees while relaxing in Wi-Fi equipped comfort. What a savings on your wallet, time and not to mention the reduction in stress level.

The Halifax Connector can stop and drop you off in other communities along the way. There is the opportunity to connect to the regional service by using local transit services such as Bridgewater Transit, Bridgewater Senior Wheels, Chester Community Wheels and VON On the Move. For those people living in the Region of Queens there is the opportunity to connect via the new Queens Transit Service. For contact information for these transit groups simply call 211.

Need something fast? Take advantage of the same day parcel service. Your parcel could be put on the bus and within a few hours it could be in Halifax or Lunenburg. This is a fast and affordable shipping option!

What is the Halifax Connector Schedule?

Departing Lunenburg County at 9am:

  • Drop offs at Young & Robie, Halifax Shopping Centre, Halifax Infirmary, or Scotia Bank Centre
  • Connections to the bus that leaves Halifax at 10:55 am to Halifax Airport, Truro, New Glasgow, and Antigonish.
  • Connections to the bus that leaves Halifax at 12:00 pm to the rest of the network including the Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI.
  • Connections to the bus that leaves Halifax at 12:00 pm for Wolfville.

Departing Greater Halifax at 4pm:

  • Includes pick ups at Young & Robie, Halifax Infirmary, and Scotia Bank Centre, & Halifax Shopping Centre.
  • Connections from the bus arriving at 1:15pm in Halifax from PEI and New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, and Halifax Airport.
  • Connections from the Wolfville bus that arrives in to Halifax at 3:35pm.
  • Connections from Cape Breton, Antigonish, New Glasgow, Truro, and Halifax Airport that arrives in to Halifax at 3:00pm

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