Epicerie Chez Gaby

Service à la clientèle :

Signalez le 1-800-575-1807
Tous les jours de 6h30 à 18h30
[email protected]


Emplacement :
47, rue Commericale
Cabano (PQ)

Téléphone : 1 (800) 575-1807

Heures d’ouverture :
Drapeau Stop – Nécessite préavis de 24 heures à l’avance pour le ramassage.

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x 1) MUDD CREEK IN WOLFVILLE, NS IS CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS. THE BUS WILL STOP THERE TO PICK UP AND DROP OF PASSENGERS ONLY AS LONG AS TICKETS ARE ALREADY PURCHASED. PARCELS CAN BE SHIPPED AND RECEIVED IN NEW MINAS AT KINGS TRANSIT.  WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN THIS REOPENS. 2) Effective at close on Friday, July 13th, 2018, Bathurst Agency located at the Sermax Convenience Store will be closing. We will continue to operate as a Flagstop only at that location until we secure another full-service agency. Until then there will be no parcel or ticket service available. Parcels can be shipped and picked up at the next stop closest to you.