Maritime Bus Extends Deadline for Northern New Brunswick Routes

Maritime Bus Network Map

For Immediate Release: January 14th, 2021

Maritime Bus Extends Deadline Northern New Brunswick

Mike Cassidy owner of Maritime Bus is encouraged to hear the discussion amongst elected officials and staff from the Province and the Municipalities when it comes to the importance of having Maritime Bus provide essential Community Busing in the Province of New Brunswick.

Unfortunately, to date, the Province and the Municipalities have not agreed on a cost-shared funding model and Mike Cassidy does not see agreement before the Friday January 15, 2021 deadline of pulling his buses off the road from Moncton to Campbellton and north of Fredericton to Edmundston.

However, there appears to be a spirit amongst all parties to arrive at an agreed upon funding model to keep Maritime Bus on the road in New Brunswick with its full network so New Brunswick can be guaranteed the essential service of passenger travel, parcel freight delivery and blood and medical services during and beyond this Pandemic.

That being said, Mike Cassidy has extended the deadline of shuttering service to identified New Brunswick routes, to Midnight – Sunday January 31, 2021, to allow time for an Agreement to be reached.

“I ask that emotion and politics be put on the sideline and let’s make the right decision to keep bus services operating in the Province. I can only hope the familiar sight of our buses on Provincial roads continues as part of our Community landscape!” says Cassidy.