Travel Tips

  • If booking online, please only use one side of your page to print your ticket as our drivers need a copy for each transfer point.
  • We stop to allow you to stretch your legs and grab a coffee or a snack along the way at one of our convenient locations en route.
  • Try to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure, and if you are shipping a parcel, please have it packaged properly and ready for a waybill.
  • If we have a storm warning issued, you will see it on our home page and we ask that you travel with a credit card or a bit of cash stored away in case you have to spend the night in a hotel.
  • If you are connecting to VIA rail or planning on making an airport connection, it is important to allow yourself lots of time to do so.
What else do I need to know when traveling with Maritime Bus? 

All passengers traveling between riviere du loup and montreal and the reverse thereof need to have a paper ticket. You must visit the ticket counter in montreal and have your tickets printed on orleans express ticket paper. If this is not done, you can not be guaranteed a seat.

Maritime Bus operates under a reservation based system. This means that purchased tickets are only valid for date, time and schedule selected with original purchase. Any alterations or cancellations to Maritime Bus tickets must be made prior to the original scheduled departure date and time. We also encourage potential passengers to book early to avoid disappointment, especially around weekends and holidays. For more information on Maritime Bus Tickets and where you can conveniently purchase your Maritime Bus tickets in advance, please visit How To Buy for further details. 

Are passengers required to have a paper Maritime Bus Ticket to board the bus?

All passengers traveling between riviere du loup and montreal and the reverse thereof need to have a paper ticket. You must visit the ticket counter in montreal and have your tickets printed on orleans express ticket paper. If this is not done you can not be guaranteed a seat.

Passengers traveling with Maritime Bus are NOT required to have a paper ticket to board the bus. Passengers who are traveling with smart phones may show their confirmation email, along with ID, or passengers may provide an ID to the driver to match to their passenger manifest. If you wish to have a printed copy of your boarding pass, please visit your local Maritime Bus Terminal or Agency or print the tickets at home after you’ve purchased them online.

Please ensure that all printed boarding passes are single sided. Double sided tickets will not be accepted.

How Many Bags Are Permitted?

Maritime Bus will allow passengers traveling within the Maritime Bus network 2 FREE checked bags and 1 additional carry-on bag. Please visit the Baggage Policy section for full details.

How Early Should I Arrive Before Departing?

Maritime Bus encourages passengers to arrive early to your stop location when traveling. For passengers with pre-purchased tickets, we recommend 10-15 minutes. For those passengers who do not have tickets purchased, Maritime Bus recommends arrival to your stop location at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Arriving early will allow you to check in, get any last minute questions or concerns that you may have answered, and to ensure that your checked luggage has the appropriate tags. Arriving early also helps our drivers, which contributes to a more timely and stress-free experience overall!

Holiday travel

It’s the holiday travel season! Many people will be traveling home for the holidays over the coming weeks. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help make your travel experience an enjoyable and relaxing one!

  • Schedule and book your trip early. The earlier you book your ticket, the better. Avoid the stress of waiting last minute and reserve your seat today. No hassle!
  • Purchase your tickets online. An easy and convenient way to reserve your seat with Maritime Bus, while reducing your travel day stress.
  • Get a head start by having an e-ticket or print your ticket at home. Having your ticket on your mobile device through online purchases or printing your ticket before arriving at the station will save time and prevent you from having to wait in line. Make sure to have your ID when you board the bus as well.
  • Remember, Tickets Are Date And Time Specific. This means you must travel on the schedule that you picked when you booked your tickets and this keeps us from overbooking the bus. Tickets can be altered and times switched, however a 15% service fee will apply to changes.
  • Driving to a local station? Be sure to have arrangements in place if you are driving to a local station. Ensure that someone will be picking up your vehicle or make it even easier and get dropped off.  
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before your bus is scheduled to leave. Getting to the station early gives you plenty of time to tag and check your bags, and beat the rush during this extremely busy time of year.
  • Keep essential items on the bus with you. Instead of putting important items in the luggage you check (things like medications, important documents, the family heirlooms or the kids’ favorite toys) keep it with your carry-on bag. Just in case your checked bags get delayed please make sure to properly tag your bags both inside and out with your most recent contact information so we can get your things back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Check for weather delays. Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable, so customers should check to see if we’ve posted any service alerts at or give us a call (1.800.575.1807) to see if weather delays have been posted before leaving for the station. And don’t forget, you can to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!
  • Bring a small travel pillow so you can rest comfortably.
  • Bring snacks and water. Whether you’re traveling 4 hours or 14 hours, you’re likely to get hungry and staying hydrated is a necessity.
  • Make sure your carry-on bags are packed light. Oversized bags end up in the way and are a pain to carry up and down the aisles of the bus. Pack lightly and make sure you can fit your bag in the overhead compartment or under your seat comfortably.


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