PEI Advanced Shuttle & Maritime Bus

Maritime Bus and Island Shuttle Companies Working Together To Improve Connections On and Off PEI

Effective Monday, January 9, 2017, Maritime Bus and the Island Shuttle Companies will combine their resources and offer service on and off the Island 3 times a day 7 days a week…continuing the morning and noon hour times and adding a new Evening travel option.

You can purchase tickets online, at one of our many locations, or call our customer service team at 1-800-575-1807.

3 Times A Day Benefits

  1. Presents more travel and shipping options for passenger and parcel customers with the additional Evening service.
  2. Maintains same day over and back Halifax, NS connections.
  3. Offers for the first time ever same-day over and back Moncton, NB connections.
  4. Provides one-way and round-trip ticket price savings on most Fare Types of between 5% and 12%. A $7.50 Flat Rate personal Door-to Door taxi service is available for the Halifax area.
  5. Allows for PEI connections for late day Airport and VIA Rail arrivals in Moncton, NB and Halifax, NS.
  6. Identifies convenient pick-up and drop-off locations:
    • Charlottetown: Maritime Bus Terminal 7 Mt. Edward Rd. and UPEI Student Centre
    • Cornwall: Esso
    • Crapaud: PharmaChoice
    • Borden: Ceretti’s Grocery/ Irving
    • Summerside: Irving Circle K Water Street
    • Halifax International Airport
    • Halifax: Maritime Bus Terminal/VIA Rail Station 1161 Hollis St.
    • Dartmouth: Maritime Bus Terminal Wyse Rd. Plaza next to Dartmouth Shopping Centre.
    • Moncton Airport
    • Moncton: Maritime Bus Terminal/VIA Rail Station 1240 Main St.
  7. Solidifies a solid working partnership with Halifax’s Yellow Cab to provide a negotiated flat rate of $7.50 for personal door-to-door service to and from the Maritime Bus Terminal/VIA Rail station 1161 Hollis St., Halifax.

Your Taxi will be waiting for you….safe, worry free service to the door!

The history of Island public bus transportation dates back to the 1930’s and Maritime Bus understands its responsibility as the only road travel alternative to the car. Connecting passengers to communities for plane and train connections, school, medical appointments, shopping, entertainment events, and visiting family, friends, and relatives, is and will continue to be our commitment to you the customer!

The Drivers and Staff remain the same and are dedicated serving their customers.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I still get to Halifax and back in the same day if I have an appointment?
Yes you can! The bus leaves Charlottetown at 8:15am and Summerside at 8:40am and arrives in Halifax at 1:15pm. The Shuttle arrived in Halifax at 12:30pm and left at 2:45pm so the layover time is the same. The bus back to the Island leaves Halifax at 4pm and arrives in Summerside at 8:45pm and Charlottetown at 9:50pm. This still allows 2.5 hour layover time in Halifax similar to the Shuttle schedule.

How will I get from the Maritime Bus Terminal in Halifax to my appointment or destination?
Maritime Bus has solidified a partnership with Halifax’s Yellow Cab to offer a flat rate of $7.50 each way to Halifax’s downtown area including all hospitals, Medical Centres, Point Pleasant Lodge, Ronald McDonald House, and other downtown Government offices.

How will I book my taxi and how will I pay for my taxi?
You can let us know at the time of booking your bus ticket that you will require a cab to get you to your final destination and our friendly customer service staff will take care of having it there upon your arrival. You can pay the cab when you get to your final stop. No problem though, if you forget to book a taxi we have people ready to look after you when you arrive in Halifax and they will be glad to call the cab for you.

How much longer will it take me to get to Halifax?
Actually, the timing of your trip will be very similar to the Shuttle times now. The difference will be no longer than approximately 30 minutes!

How many times will I need to transfer?
If you leave from Charlottetown you only have one transfer point. The Amherst Esso is a lovely, clean business with a Tim Horton’s, and a nice washroom facility. Grab a coffee and hop on the big bus and you’ll be there before you know it!

What about my favourite driver Gary Myers?
Awe, don’t worry! We love Gary too and he will be driving the bus from PEI to Amherst on a rotation schedule with Gerry Blacquiere whom you will love just as much! All of our drivers have many years of experience and care about our customers!

Will I be paying much more for my bus ticket?
Actually, in some cases you will be paying less! A Senior/Student one-way is 60.39 and a round-trip is 104.23; An Adult one-way is 70.41 and a Round-trip is 121.97. This is a savings of between 5%-12% on Adult Round Trip and Senior/Student one-way and Round Trip versus the Shuttle.

How can I book my Maritime bus ticket?
You have a couple of options for booking your ticket. You can call our customer service number 1-800-575-1807 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or 1-800-575-1807 7 Days a week 6:30am to 6:30pm; you can come in to any of our locations and deal face to face with one of our Customer Service Reps where you can pay cash, debit, or Credit Card. You can go to and book your ticket on-line with a credit card.
The locations are as follows: Charlottetown Terminal is at 7 Mt. Edward Rd.; Summerside Agency is at the Circle K/Irving on Water St.; Borden Agency is at Ceretti’s Grocery/Irving.

x Maritime Bus will be operating under Storm Waring on Wednesday February 13, 2019 throughout our network. Please stay tuned as further updates if necessary will be posted. Please see travel advisories notices for more details. Please note that all Maritime Bus routes have been cancelled for today, Wednesday, February 13th 2019, except for the following routes: Route 151 - Departed Antigonish, NS to Halifax, NS at 07:15 Route 150 - Departing Halifax, NS to Antigonish, NS at 10:55. Maritime Bus fonctionnera sous un Avis de Mauvais Temps le mecredi 13 février, 2019 l'ensemble de notre réseau. Veuillez consulter les avis de mauvais de temps pour plus de détails. Veuillez noter que tous les itinéraires de bus maritimes ont été annulés pour aujourd'hui, mercredi 13 février 2019, à l'exception des itinéraires suivants: Route 151 - Départ d'Antigonish, NÉ pour Halifax, NÉ à 07h15. Route 150 - Départ de Halifax, NÉ pour Antigonish, NÉ à 10h55.