Schedule Changes

Effective July 3, 2016, Orleans Express has decreased their frequency and route times in to RDL to meet our arrivals and departures.  This means we had to change our times and frequencies as well.  Our Riviere Du Loup bus that used to leave Moncton at 8:20 am 7 days a week now leaves Moncton at 11:50 am Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday only.  Our 5pm departure remains unchanged. The 04:30 EST departure from RDL to Moncton will now only be operating Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The 11:15am EST departure from RDL to Moncton will now leave RDL at 12:45pm EST.

Route 500 & 501 will now leave Saint John at 5:20 pm and Fredericton at 7:25pm and arrive back in Saint John at 8:35pm

We will now have a run on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from Moncton to Saint John to Fredericton that departs Moncton at 7:15am; arrives in Saint John at 9:15am, departs Saint John at 9:25am; Arrives in Fredericton at 10:45am, departs Fredericton at 11:00am and arrives back in Moncton at 1:25pm. These are routes 356, 502, 707 consecutively.

Routes 706 & 705 from Moncton at 12pm to Fredericton and departing Fredericton at 3:15pm will now run on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday only.