Travel Advisories

When storm warnings are issued ...

It's possible that:

- The coach will be late

- The service will be interrupted along the way

- Unplanned nights will be produced

- The trip will be canceled

If your schedule permits, we suggest you postpone your trip until the warning is lifted.

If you decide to make the trip, you accept responsibility for any additional costs you may incur as a result of a delay or interruption of service, as well as any other possible inconvenience.

Please note that unaccompanied minors can not travel when a storm warning is in effect at Maritime Bus.
x Maritime Bus will be operating under Storm Warning for the following routes: Route 702 departing Moncton, NB at 17:00 on Thursday, November 16 2017. Route 701 departing Riviere du Loup,QC at 04:30 Friday, November 17, 2017 Nous avons un Avertissement de Tempête en vigueur chez Maritime Bus pour les routes suivantes: Route 702 depart de Moncton, NB à 17:00 Jeudi, le 16novembre 2017. Route 701 depart de Riviere du Loup,QC à 04:30 vendredi, le 17 novembre 2017.