Terms and Conditions


WEIGHT: Any package weighing 34kg (75 lb) or less as per the conditions described below. Any single piece of freight exceeding 22.68kg (50lbs) must either have a Heavy Sticker or Heavy Luggage Tag attached to the shipment.

DIMENSIONS: The dimensions must be equal to or less than 24(H) x 40(W) x 84(L) inches (60 x 100 x 210 cm). The longest side will be considered length. If a second dimension exceeds 40 inches, shipping costs will be charged double the regular rate.

a) Shipping by bus:
A shipment on a single bill of lading may include up to five (5) parcels from a single sender to the same recipient, with a combined maximum total weight of 170.1kg (375lbs).
b) Pickup and delivery:
· In major cities only: Charlottetown, Fredericton, Halifax, Moncton, Saint John, Dartmouth & Truro

IDENTIFICATION: The name, address, and telephone number of the sender and recipient must be clearly indicated and legibly shown on all packages of the shipment in addition to the waybill. Warnings such as fragile, perishable, heavy or any other relevant information must also appear on packages where applicable.

CONTENT: The sender must declare the content and value of any package being shipped and comply with restrictions.

MOVING: We accept shipments of personal effects, provided the transaction is paid in full at the original point of sale.

AUTOMOBILE BUMPERS: Shipments of bumpers are automatically charged at double the regular rate.

PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS: All shipments must be packed in containers made of material strength, durability and quality sufficient to withstand the normal course of handling. Packaging is to be secured with proper shipping tape noting that string or twine should not be used as a means to secure the package. Brown paper wrap or gift wrap is not acceptable due to the possibility of the wrap becoming removed in transit thereby removing all shipment information. Shipper warrants the containers used will comply with these requirements to the extent that they will afford safe handling, reasonable and proper protection of contents and protection against damage to other shipments. Shippers may be liable for damage howsoever caused by their failure to comply with these requirements. Please ensure that small parcels are put into a parcel bag, which can be obtained from a terminal or agency.

Maritime Bus reserves the right to open and inspect packages in order to verify the contents.


· Animals (Including insects and other living species with the exception of tropical fish, which are shipped at the sender’s risk)
· Cash
· All packages valued over $1000 unless special authorization is obtained, in writing, from a territory representative
· Any substance which is illegal to possess or transport
· Firearms or ammunition
· Hazardous materials identified as such by a material safety data sheet (Batteries containing liquid)
· Any package that is not properly packed (Packages wrapped in plastic film are not accepted)


The fee schedule detailing the various charges for shipping by bus is updated annually. For any package shipped whose total volume is greater than 12 cu ft (oversized package), shipping costs are double the regular rate.

a) Shipping by bus:
The rate structure for basic service includes the cost of shipping from the origin point of sale to the destination point of sale.
The rate is determined by package size, weight and distance travelled.
Any shipment where fees will be payable at destination (for collection) is subject to a $3.00 additional charge.
b) Pickup and delivery:
Pickup and delivery charges will be added to the shipping fee.
For packages with two dimensions exceeding 40 inches (oversized package) the pickup and delivery charges correspond to double the regular rate, even if the volume is less than 12 cu ft.
If more than one truck load is required for a single pickup or delivery, the rate applies independently to each load. If a special truck is needed to complete the trip, special charges will apply where this service is offered.
Fuel surcharges and transaction fees will be applicable to all shipments.


The sender must declare the value of any package shipped.

In case of loss or damage, the carrier’s liability is limited to the actual value of the item up to a maximum of $100 per shipment if no additional insurance is purchased. A lot shipment will allocate the total insurance amount declared, evenly over the number of parcels.

Insurance coverage up to a maximum of $1,000 is available, at a small additional charge. Any item valued at over $1,000 is not insurable and is shipped at the sender’s risk.

If electronic equipment is shipped in its original box and the customer chooses to purchase insurance, physical damage to the equipment is covered. However, insurance will not cover malfunctions of the device, whether or not due to shipping.


Perishable goods (with a limited shelf life), as well as:

  • Foodstuffs
  • Animal Sperm
  • Samples for analysis
  • Flowers & Plants
  • Jewellery, Diamonds & Furs
  • Gift Certificates & Show/ Event Tickets
  • Works of Art & Antiques (Purchases, sale or estimated price is not insurable or refundable)
  • Items requiring controlled temperature
  • All packages valued over $1000 (see note on prohibited parcels)
  • Electronic devices that are not in their original boxes
  • Fragile packages, glass, pottery, porcelain, crystal, ceramics, collectibles, precious metals & other breakable goods
  • Cremation remains
  • Items purchased via the Internet

Perishable products containing ice or other liquids must be shipped in a sealed plastic bag designed for the purpose (available at points of sale). In addition, it is always preferable to include enough refrigerant to preserve products for a period of at least 24 hours.
Maritime Bus declines, rejects and does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of any delay in date and time of receipt of any document contained in a shipment, such as submissions, calls for tenders, contracts, offers to purchase or sell, lawsuits, summonses or other legal or commercial documents where the deadline for receipt may be important.


A package is stored free of charge for ten (10) days following notice of arrival to the recipient.

An unclaimed package or a package that is refused during the first ten (10) days is returned to the sender, who must pay the return shipping. If, after being notified, the sender does not recover the package, it will be kept by the carrier for a period of 90 days, after which the latter may dispose of it as seen fit.


Maritime Bus does not undertake to ship or deliver a package within a predetermined period. The recipient will be notified of the arrival of the package at the destination point of sale as soon as possible.

Maritime Bus cannot be held liable (including for the value of $100) in the following cases :
Breakdowns, poor road conditions, weather conditions, strikes, accidents or other Acts of God.
Errors or omissions on the part of the sender or recipient (such as a false statement, missing information, shipping of prohibited parcels).
Maritime Bus assumes no liability for consequential losses due to delay, loss or breakage of property.


Any claim relating to the shipment of a package must be made in writing to the end carrier indicated on the bill of lading within 30 days after shipment. Any claims within the Maritime Bus network of routes or for additional support in the claims process can be addressed to [email protected]. The claimant must attach the original invoice/receipt, stating the real value of the lost or damaged item as well as full details of the loss or damage and will be required to fill out a claims form. In the case of lost parcels, the end carrier will have up to 30 days to provide an adequate search. The carrier is not required to settle a claim until shipping charges have been acquitted.