Accessibility Services

Maritime Bus welcomes all passengers and will accommodate, to the best of our ability, those passengers who require assistance.  Whether a passenger has walking difficulties, visual or hearing  impairments, requires the use of mobility aids such as a wheelchair, Maritime Bus drivers and staff will assist with the boarding, moving of baggage and transferring of buses to ensure your have an enjoyable and safe travel experience.

Priority seating may be available upon request.  Maritime Bus suggests arriving early to request priority seating. 

Reduced Mobility

For customers who have walking difficulties and may require the use or assistance of a collapsible wheelchair, walker,  or other small assistance devices, Maritime Bus Drivers or staff will help you climb a few steps to board the bus and find an appropriate seat.  Please notify one of our Maritime Bus staff that you will require assistance upon arrival.  You may also purchase your Maritime Bus tickets at any or our local Maritime  Bus Terminals or Agencies or online.

Traveling With Certified Service Animals 

Passengers traveling with certified service animals are responsible for the animal  and are required to have the animal under control at all times (harnessed, leashed or carrier).  Maritime Bus reserves the right to refuse travel to any service animal which may pose a direct threat to the safety of any other Maritime Bus passenger and who do not have certification card information.  Please notify one of our Maritime Bus staff that assistance may be required during your travels.

Traveling with A Wheelchair or Scooter

Passengers traveling with Maritime Bus who require the use of a wheelchair or scooter are required to notify Maritime Bus 72 hours in advance.  Please contact our Maritime Bus Customer Call Centre at 1.800.575.1807  to book wheelchair travel.  

Personal Attendants

One Personal Attendant/Companion may accompany passengers with walking difficulties, visual or hearing  impairments, other disabilities deemed to require an assistant or those who cannot travel independently, free of charge.  All personal attendants/companion requests will require a doctor’s notice or CNIB card for the fee to be waived.   The passenger requiring assistance will be charged a standard fare.  Personal attendant and passenger requiring assistance are required to travel together for the duration of the trip.