Baggage Liability

Maritime Bus will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any unchecked carry-on baggage.  Carry-on baggage is the strict responsibility of the passenger.  Maritime Bus maximum baggage liability for loss or damaged checked baggage, in the event of negligence, is limited to $100.00 per passenger.   Maritime Bus will not be held liable for loss or damage in excess of the baggage liability allowance.  Passengers traveling with any items with a declared value greater than the baggage liability, as outlined above, must be shipped via Maritime Bus Courier Express rates with additional insurance purchased.

Maritime Bus will not be held responsible for baggage liability of items in checked baggage determined to be Shipped At Own Risk.  These include: Articles of extraordinary value, articles other than baggage contained in cartons, business machines, uncased electronic devices, cameras, computers, laptops,  foodstuffs, fragile articles, jewelry/watches, liquids, meat,  musical instruments without a case, unprotected sports equipment,  antiques, valuable papers.  Any baggage claims for damage must be made immediately or within 24 hours of arrival to destination.  Failing to do so will result in the claim being null and void.