Ticket Liability

Maritime Bus Ticket Liability

  1. Maritime Bus will not be held liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, traffic, weather conditions, or any other condition beyond the control of Maritime Bus.
  2.   Maritime Bus does not guarantee specific arrival and departure times.  These specific times which appear in print or on the website www.maritimebus.com do not constitute guarantees.  Maritime Bus makes every effort to maintain the outlined departure and arrival times.  Maritime Bus is not and cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or additional expense incurred by the passenger in the event of delays.
  3. Schedules and services are subject to change without notice. Maritime Bus may substitute alternate Carrier’s or means of transportation.
  4. Tickets sold are non-transferable and, if presented for passage by any person other than the one named on the ticket, may become void and confiscated by an authorized Maritime Bus employee/agent.
  5. Maritime Bus is not liable for expenses incurred due to delays which cause missed connections with connecting services such as AIRLINES, BUS SERVICES, FERRY SERVICES OR TRAINS.  Maritime Bus will not incur any expense due to travel delays.
  6. Maritime Bus accepts no liability for passengers who book with connecting services not providing adequate connection time.  Maritime Bus recommends adhering to guidelines posted for recommended arrival times of connecting services.
  7. Maritime Bus accepts no liability for passengers who do not comply with the Maritime Bus Passenger Code Of Conduct or Baggage Policy.  Any passenger who violates the aforementioned code of conduct or baggage policy waives their right to a refund.
  8. Maritime Bus will only be responsible for transportation on its own lines in accordance with its tariff rules and regulations.  Maritime Bus assumes no responsibility for any acts or omissions of another party or Interline carrier.
In response to COVID-19 and the temporary shutdown of the connecting bus company in Quebec we are operating on a reduced schedule beginning Monday, March 30, 2020 We will have service on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our Terminals will remain open this week, as usual, to help answer any questions you may have. Thank you and please stay safe!

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