Travel Tips

 What do I need to know when traveling with Maritime Bus?

Maritime Bus operates under a reservation based system.  This means that purchased tickets are only valid for date, time and schedule selected with original purchase.  Any alterations or cancellations to Maritime Bus tickets must be made prior to the original scheduled departure date and time.  Maritime Bus also encourages potential passengers to book early to avoid disappointment, especially around weekends and holidays.  For more information on Maritime Bus Tickets and where you can conveniently purchase your Maritime Bus tickets in advance, please visit How To Buy for further details!

 Are passengers required to have a paper Maritime Bus Ticket to board the bus?

Passengers traveling with Maritime Bus are NOT required to have a paper ticket to board the bus.  Passengers who are traveling with smart phones may show their confirmation email, along with ID, or passengers may provide an ID to the driver to match to their passenger manifest.  If you wish to have a printed copy of your boarding pass, please visit your local Maritime Bus Terminal or Agency or print the tickets in your own the at your convenience when purchasing online.

Please ensure that all printed boarding passes are single sided.  Double sided tickets will not be accepted.

How Many Bags Are Permitted?

Maritime Bus will allow passengers traveling within the Maritime Bus network 2 FREE checked bags and 1 additional carry-on bag.  Please visit the Baggage Policy section for full details.

How Early Should I Arrive Before Departing?

Maritime Bus encourages passengers to arrive early to your stop location when traveling.  For passengers with pre-purchased tickets, we recommend 10-15 minutes.  For those passengers who do not have tickets purchased, Maritime Bus recommends arrival to your stop location at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Arriving early will allow you to check in, get any last minute questions or concerns that you may have answered, and to ensure that your checked luggage has the appropriate tags.  Arriving early also helps Maritime Bus Drivers too, helping to ensure your stress free trip continues on time!